Video: ESPN quick doc on how Tim Donaghy fixed NBA games

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The comments of the FBI agent, Phil Scala, are especially telling. As is David Stern’s “cat that ate the canary” smirk.

“NBA executives were eager to move on from the investigation”, said Sala.

One said, “It’s impossible to fix NBA games, that there are too many red flags that would be thrown up.”

To which Scala added, “When someone tells you something is impossible, you know they are full of shit.”

Also of note is the wholly inadequate NBA investigation only analyzing 17 of his games concluding only a couple incidents that would be questionable to them.

ESPN analyzed 40 games and determined 77% of his calls favored his bets.

Big reason why here at ViceGeek we will be working hard to find the niche offerings that provide fair odds and less head-scratching than NBA regular season games for a bettor.

Enjoy the quick doc below on how he did it and got caught.

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