If I Bet: Video poker strategies; like ATMs that give you more money back

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After spending over a year in Las Vegas I definitely learned what a “Nevada-style” bar is. From what I could gather it means you will be sitting in front of a video poker machine while sipping your bourbon.

With gambling reaching outside of the state of Nevada more and more, I thought I might pass along some of my learnings which have netted me big wins and normally coming home with more money in my pocket than I left with during a night out.

There are a lot of different strategies that people swear by. IIIIIF I were to wager, I can only speak for myself, here are a couple of hard “rules” I play by:

  • Play the right game: I only play the simplest payout structure. I abhor the idea of getting less money on my eventual 4 of a kind because it was 2’s and not J’s. I want the full payout if I am going to put down my hard-earned cheddar.
  • Throw away the sure thing: I will always throw away single face cards for a pair of numbers. Even though pairs of Jacks (and over) will pay for my hand, don’t pass up the chance at a 3 or even 4 of a kind.
  • Play for the flush: I will always throw away a pair of face cards for a chance at a flush. Though the odds are pretty slim on this one, the payout is just too juicy. “Roll the dice” for that one suit you need and be willing to throw away a sure “win” for it.
  • Outside straight only: I only play for the outside straight, never the inside. If I have a 3-4-5-6, I’ll play for the 2-7. If I have a 2-3-5-6 I look elsewhere even if a re-draw.
  • Play the glitch: If I see the slight CPU delay on the flop, I will be playing that machine until I hit my Flush or 4 of a kind. Because it will hit. Anyone who has spent time at a machine knows the delay, but barely noticeable to beginners. Watch for that delay and play disciplined until you hit.
  • Win and run: When I hit that Flush or 4 of a kind, I cash out and bounce. I won’t play that machine again that day.

Check out the joy of this dude hitting a Royal Flush [5:24] then try not to promptly head down to your local video poker watering hole and chase that sweet-sweet feeling [warning – language].

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

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