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Nevada #1 in sin index, Ohio #1 in “Excesses and Vices” rank

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WalletHub recently released their periodic “sin index” state rankings. Not surprisingly Nevada ranked first with the highest sin rating of 56.99. What might raise some eyebrows is that my home state of Ohio ranked #1 in the “Excess and Vice” rating coming in at #14 sin rank overall.

Their methodology includes “data set ranges from violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking to share of the population with gambling disorders”.

After having spent over a year in Las Vegas I don’t think there will be any arguments there. And not surprised with the Ohio top “excess and vice” rating with the prices of drinks at the bar literally 1/3 of what you will see in Vegas, a little easier to drink to excess here. I do think that Tennessee checking in at #1 for “Anger and Hatred” is a shocker, can’t say I’ve experienced anything but sweetness down there, but that’s what the data said.

Check out where your state ranks in each category. Top 20 state rankings here, full list here:

source: WalletHub

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